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Navkaar Dried Whole Cranberry

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Dried cranberries are not only one of the most delicious dried berries, they are also packed with nutrition, making them a great ingredient to store in your pantry. Here are a few reasons why you should buy dried cranberries online:High in Antioxidants: The cranberry dry fruit contains proanthocyanins, a vital antioxidant that can prevent inflammation and cell damage.


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No Artificial Preservatives: Happilo’s cranberry dry fruit is 100% free of all preservatives and additives, providing you nothing but a high-quality, healthy product.Vitamin Rich: Dried cranberries are high in vitamin C- also known as ascorbic acid which is great for skin, hair and overall immunity. Consuming cranberry dry fruit can be great to boost immunity and overall health.Quick Energy Boost: Navkaar Dried cranberries online contain small amounts of sugar that add sweetness to otherwise tart dried cranberries. If you are looking for a quick snack that gives you an instant jolt of energy, then consider cranberries. As they are packed with nutrition and are low in fat, they also make excellent healthy snacks for weight loss.

Healthy Toppings for Desserts: Cranberry dry fruit makes an excellent, sweet topping on desserts, yoghurts and sweet breakfasts as they add sweetness and nutrition to your foods. If you are looking for other healthy Indian dessert ideas, you can try these 4 quick & easy Indian sweets to make at home.Premium Quality: With Navkaar’s dried cranberries, buy online for guaranteed premium quality as Navkaar guarantees that all their products are Non-GMO Verified, Gluten-free and fat-free with zero preservatives.

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