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Navkaar Premium Munakka (Tohfa)

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As a consumer, you seek freshness, nutrition, and quality in everything you buy. packaging keeps goodness and quality intact ensuring great flavor With Navkaar Munakka, enjoy guilt-free indulgence always! Munakka is naturally rich in potassium which contributes to the maintenance of normal blood pressure. Use it as a festive gift hamper, as a nutty delight to greet your guests, or simply snack on it whenever you want. All-natural dried Munakka. No sugar is added to all-natural dried fruits


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  • Helps keep hypertension or high blood pressure at bay,People suffering from anemia can benefit greatly from eating Munakka as they are rich in iron.
  • Munakka are a good source of calcium that forms an important constituent in our bones. Therefore, people suffering from osteoporosis can vastly benefit from eating Munakka.
  • Munakka are a great source of energy. Munakka are charged with natural sugars like Glucose and Fructose. Munakka boasts of an impressive nutrient profile of vitamins such as Vitamin C and Vitamin K; and Minerals such as Calcium, Iron, Copper, Manganese, Magnesium, Zinc, Phosphorous, and Selenium.
  • The phytochemicals as well as antioxidants present in Munakka help prevent premature aging.
  • High anti oxidants, dietary fibre, no gluten, no go, zero trans fat, zero cholesterol, naturally contains anti oxidants, fibre and potassium, keeps blood free from impurities and protects the skin cells, reduce bad cholesterol in blood and helps regulate bp, helps in digestion, reduces acidity and increase immunity
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